We work with exceptional venues in Madrid and Beyond. Here are some examples:



Finca Noroeste

Unique venue with 15,000 square meters of gardens located 10 minutes away from downtown Madrid. The breadth and variety of spaces creates environmental diversity and facilitates the assembly of all types of environments such as tents, chill out areas, mobile bars, music area and separate spaces for lunch or dinner.

Finca El Mirador

Spectacular venue just 18' from downtown Madrid. This is a unique construction with the most exceptional view of the city. An experience in itself where to place all your corporate events indoors and outdoors.

Finca Toledo

500 Ha. of wild countryside and 3,000 m2 of home, courtyards, gardens, offices and business complex. 
Its geography and its extension, is ideal for developing all kinds of activities, especially those related to the automotive industry. It has its own 60 km circuit. of nature trails and two active circuits, tennis and a tent of 900 m2 length.